The colorimeter: an instrument that scientifically and technically verifies our average roasting

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“We love to savor every aromatic nuance of coffee. This is why we decided to use medium roast.”

One of the coffee topics we hear more and more about concerns the roasting of beans: light, dark, medium, cinnamon-colored, and more. But on this there is very little clarity.

But even more serious, I have often tried to buy coffee intrigued by the fact that a “medium-light” roast was indicated on the package.

I cannot tell you how many times I was disappointed the moment I opened the small package of coffee and peered inside at the product.

Just as it is true that “not all that glitters is gold” also not all medium-roast coffees are really processed at an intermediate level.

There is, however, a small, simple, intuitive, and clear instrument that can be used to scientifically and technically substantiate the roast level of a coffee: the colorimeter.

We decided to invest in this highly professional equipment in order to operate a series of tests on each batch of roasted coffee and always substantiate a consistent average roast that enhances the raw coffees we select.

With the colorimeter test, one can definitively and unequivocally verify the level of roasting of both the beans and the ground coffee.

As we saw in the video, it is a really handy tool that is easy to use.

First it must be calibrated on its appropriate gray diskette.

After that, the coffee to be tested is selected, poured inside the special tray, and shaved to make the surface as even and smooth as possible.

You place the colorimeter above the product, select grains or ground in the device, depending on what you are testing, and activate the measurement.

To be more sure of the result, it is always best to take several measurements, even on different samples of the same roast, so as to be sure that all raw grains have been roasted equally and are without color defects.

After that we will average all the data obtained and get the actual roast level of our coffees.

As can be seen, the colorimeter is very clear and directly defines the roast level of our coffees, calling it: medium-light (medium light – 63.1/100).

The reasons why we decided to adopt a medium roast level for our coffees are many, the main ones being:

  1. Intense and complex aromas – We select only the best origins to always obtain fine coffees, rich in aromatic nuances;
  2. It is also great without sugar – Thanks to the unique medium roast, the coffee bean is not burned and the flavors are not lost. You can eliminate unnecessary calories from your diet by savoring the balanced intensity of coffee;
  3. To find a perfect balance between sweetness and intensity – The quality of our green coffees (raw material), guarantees a wealth of aromas on the palate: flowers, citrus, cocoa, chocolate, tobacco, malt, fruit and more. It is your choice…
  4. To get the energy you need – Medium roast allows for a coffee with a higher concentration of caffeine.

The other main roasting levels are light and dark:

  • The light roast enhances even more the aromas and delicate acidity present in the coffees, but does not attribute body and cream in the final result in the cup. This is why in Italy, the home of espresso, it is not used much, as it would make our cups too light-bodied and therefore not suitable for our tastes;
  • The dark roast, on the other hand, makes the espresso more bitter. In fact, roasting the coffees a lot almost goes so far as to burn them (some roasters actually burn them at all). In this way, the strong aromatic hint of ash or burnt and the strong bitterness manage to hide all the other defects of low-quality raw beans, such as mold, wet wood, gum, rancid, and so on. Those who seek more profit on their products prefer to buy low-quality green coffee and pay a lower price for it, then going on to hide the defects with this processing.
That’s why we at Ernani opted for the medium roast, which can both enhance the positive qualities of our fine coffees and impart body and a velvety crema in the cup.

Try it and be surprised by the incredible unprecedented flavor notes of your chosen coffee.

Marketing, E-commerce e Social Media Manager
Coffee Lover


Martina Mazzoleni

Marketing, E-commerce e Social Media Manager Coffee Lover

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