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Today, more than ever, online sales and home delivery services have become nothing short of essential: if we can’t go out, it will be our purchases that arrive at home!

For a few years already, we at team Ernani we decided to sell the exact same coffee as the Corso Buenos Aires roastery. , appreciated by all Milanese, even online, driven precisely by the desire to offer this convenience of service.

There are regular customers who, working or living near the cafeteria, drop by daily, even several times a day, and we are always happy to chat. By now many have become friends, no longer just customers!

But there is also a let’s say “transient” clientele, who know us well, but who are not so convenient to pass by frequently. There are young people coming from Veneto, Val d’Aosta, Piedmont, Tuscany, Apulia, Calabria, Lazio, and so on, along with lots of foreigners from the most diverse parts of the world, who always ask how to buy our coffee once they return home.

Here is the website born!

Ernani Coffee’s e-commerce was created precisely to satisfy a customer base that appreciates our medium-roast coffees and that once they try them, they can’t go back to “commercial” coffees.
We wanted to offer anyone the opportunity to drink quality coffee, rich in aroma, intensely fragrant and never overly bitter.

In addition you have all the time to sit comfortably on the couch, inquire about the tastes of all the blends, and peacefully choose what you want to taste . This way you don’t have the supermarket rush, which leads you to always choose the same type, to speed up time and not linger too long in front of the shelves, intending to find hidden, confusing or even missing information.

Gradually we found that the service was appreciated, the comfort actually was high, and we were asked for more and more coffee.

We also realized that our customers trust us and even follow us in experimenting with new blends and new single-origins, listening to our advice and trying something different every time, along with their favorite coffee of course, which they always repurchase.

This is because, thanks to the products offered, they all realized that. coffee doesn’t just have a taste , that is, the simple and undefined taste of “coffee” classic, normal, traditional.

This drink is insanely diverse, presenting hundreds of aromatic nuances, thousands of different grains that bring a wide variety of characteristics to the cup.

This means that anyone can find the perfect coffee based on their own taste, that they can taste several and then choose their favorite!

It seemed impossible to us, but we have made constant efforts to create this online tasting opportunities , to provide an opportunity for anyone to discover the world of coffee, to be enchanted by its history and aromas.

All this from the comfort of home!

Some examples on what our customers say about us, reviews you can read on trustpilot:

These words fill us with pride and repay us for all our efforts.

I know it sounds like a platitude to say, almost obvious and even a bit fake. But what can I tell you? It is the truth!

All of us on the staff of Caffè Ernani have always had only one true and great goal in mind: to offer quality coffee with the aim of 100% consumer satisfaction.

We were tired of drinking mediocre coffee, or even worse, buying ground coffee and beans that had nothing special or had flaws.

We wanted to offer something different, something new. But like all new things, we were afraid it would not be accepted, perhaps because it was a little different from the coffee we Italians were used to drinking.

Moving forward in time, we realized that instead it was just what was needed: all customers are satisfied and as soon as they try it they never go back, they can sense that it is good , although they can’t say exactly why, as it takes experience to do so, they understand, however, that it is different and they like that!

Take advantage, too, of the convenience of receiving at home a fine medium-roast coffee, the same as that of one of Milan’s most historic roasters, opened well into 1909.

And if you are undecided about which coffee to buy, write to [email protected] and let us advise you!

Marketing, E-commerce e Social Media Manager
Coffee Lover


Martina Mazzoleni

Marketing, E-commerce e Social Media Manager Coffee Lover

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