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I maestri della tostatura media

Another Coffee Stories is the innovative Milan-based publishing house with the goal of bringing our full senses back to the center of the literary experience.

The synaesthetic reading


Mutual contamination between the senses. It occurs when stimulations from one sense induce experiences, automatic and/or involuntary, in a second sense.

But how is this possible?
  • As it is easy to guess, the sight is awakened by the written words of the incredible authors, the same ones who are able to recreate an entire world in our minds, able to make us live for a moment outside our own routine, with only the stimulus of creativity;
  • Instead, the sense of touch is activated by the textured covers, designed to fully represent the author and his work;
  • And now we at Caffè Ernani come into the picture: accompanying the reader’s taste buds as they read, through our expertly selected coffees roasted to a medium level, paired with the works of Another Coffee Stories…for example, the robustness of a coffee might remind one of a gory, unforgiving plot.
  • This also pervades the sense of smell! In fact, we recommend not pairing the books with an espresso, but more with a filter coffee, which is long, intense in aroma and delicate in flavor, to be kept close by for longer to let it accompany you while reading.
The publishing house with its books represents a unique combination of the charm of words and the beauty of the synaesthetic approach, which will transform the world of literature into a tangible reality.

If I have intrigued you, if you love books, and if you are always looking for something new–this article is for you!

Publications for the past two months

Out of the Closet 2, Kenya – Ivana Ferriol Rudy Pesenti

Dear parents, children’s drawings can be a window into their minds and emotional experiences. In particular, the use of color in these drawings may provide clues about the traumas experienced by young artists.

Children who have experienced trauma, such as abuse or violence, often have difficulty verbally expressing their emotions and experiences. These difficulties can be overcome through drawing, which allows them to express what they cannot say with words.

That is why we decided to give every child the opportunity to freely color this book, which not only gives them the opportunity to color all the drawings inside.

Attributing immense importance to children’s rights, we decided to support the Bergamo project “Casa Hélènè,” an initiative of the ONLUS MISSIONE CALCUTTA to protect the rights of every child. Therefore, the proceeds from this book will be entirely donated to the ONLUS MISSIONE CALCUTTA!

Coffee choosen: Bom Chocolate
Anita’s Tract – Beatrice Radi

When her supervisor also exits her life, Nina Lopez finds herself facing more than one loss: the loss of a beloved stepfather, the estrangement of her mother, who finds a way to move on by leaving her behind, and the end of a working relationship that gave her security. Added to all this is Anita, a girl found dead near Genoa. Nina, recently appointed inspector of the Homicide Squad and joined by Felice Galli, a new and hostile collaborator, will have to solve a case that will take her to probe the extreme delicacy of the female soul, always in need of a protected den where she can feel safe but also strong enough to make her mark.

Matching coffee: Kalledevarapura
Jimmy and the rainbow village – Chiara Gestro

In the third book in the series, “Jimmy and the Rainbow Village,” the young protagonist ventures into Santa’s magical Village during the post-Christmas vacations. Eager to spend time with his cousin Tobias, Jimmy joins him in the Rainbow Village in Scotland to celebrate the millennium of the Sacred Spring Equinox. However, their quiet time of rest is threatened by a dark presence that jeopardizes the balance of Earth’s world. It will be up to Jimmy, Tobias and their fellow travelers to save the day and defend Nature’s protector.

Matching coffee: Bom chocolate
Erynn – E. G. Walrose

Erynn is a generous, brave and rebellious child, like her long red hair. The daughter of a mother of Irish descent and an English father, Erynn is orphaned at a very young age after a tragic ship accident involves her parents, as well as rulers of two different worlds. The little girl is raised in parallel by affectionate servants and distant relatives, who teach her manners, little in keeping with the child’s temperament, but also mathematics, ancient languages, literature and history, for in order to reign, it is not enough to know how to behave, but one must cultivate a wise, prepared and knowledgeable mind. On the other hand, the magical world opens its doors wide, teaching her equally fundamental values and surrounding her with loyal, colorful, quirky friends who are essential in her journey of growth and struggle against an evil she believed to be distant.

Matching coffee: Brazilian Women’s Coffee
Samantha, the turtle who wanted to go to the moon – Eleonora Casali

Samantha, a young turtle just 180 years old had a big dream – to go to the moon. Discouraged by the concerns of her friends who did not consider it a feat within her reach, she decided one day to stop talking and lock herself in her carapace. One night, someone knocks on her door, and thanks to a very long ladder, a pair of shiny skates and a backpack full of luscious leaves, what she never thought could happen again happens. A story that reflects on the meaning of self-determination and friendship, how empathy and support become key ingredients in “finding the sparks in your eyes again.”

The first story in this series is inspired by the exceptional feat of Samantha Cristoforetti, the first Italian woman to cross the boundaries of Earth to explore space. Her courage and determination not only expanded our knowledge of the universe, but also opened new horizons in the collective imagination.

Matching coffee: Bom chocolate
The consequences – Sted

“Consequences is dark magic, yet it heals. It is a woman repairing a sisterhood. It is imagining an alternate ending.It is releasing anger, retelling perverse reasoning by finally putting it to the straight.”

Matching coffee: Brazilian Women’s
Snake Farm – Claudio Trezzani

“He had succeeded in his dream. How he wished his mother had seen all those people who had come to hear his dreaming son.He took an imaginary selfie and sent it with his eyes and a kiss carried by the wind, to Heaven.”

Roger Jones, the young president of the J.J.J. Oil company, is found dead on a snake farm, bitten by a water moccasin. The New Braunfels, Texas, police investigative team of special counsel Cody Myers, Detective Ward Bayliss and forensics chief Veronica Raye returns to the scene again, seven years after the murders of the “Monster of the River Walk,” which, as if that were not enough, has come back to strike.

Between involvements of international organizations, stratagems, old family tensions, and nightmares of the past, the three investigators will be involved in a crime-story that will travel from Texas to Mexico, from London to Madrid, always to the sometimes melancholy, sometimes lively notes of country music.

Matching Coffee: Vivace
Now all you have to do is choose the book and coffee that suit you best and experience the synaesthetic experience for yourself!

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