The new Caffè Ernani website has arrived!

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We never stop working for you!

So here I introduce you the new Caffè Ernani website.

We repeat it often… we never stop improving, we are firmly and deeply convinced of it.

This applies to the quality of the coffee, the packaging, the service and also the site where you can get information, discover many curiosities and buy coffee.

This is why we decided to change and renew it!

Over the latest 3 years we have collected a lot of feedback, requested the compilation of satisfaction questionnaires from all our customers and accepted all kinds of positive and above all negative advice.

All this allowed us to have a complete and precise picture of what was working and not. Once we had all the useful information we started working to improve every aspect!

But now let’s see it in detail!

The main news are:
  • The Subscription
  • The Shop
  • The Ernani Academy
  • The ABCoffee blog
  • The Roasting
  • Distribution

Let’s see them specifically.

The Caffè Ernani Subscription

We have implemented the “subscription” option to help our most loyal customers!

We have noticed that many of you buy almost the same products on a regular basis.

So here is the possibility to standardize and automate the whole process to never have to remember to place another order.

In fact, it is sufficient to go to the page of the desired product and instead of making a “single purchase”, click on “purchase by subscription”, choose the quantity of the product to order and the frequency of sending, enter the shipping and payment data, as if it were a normal order, and then activate your subscription!

From this moment on, you won’t have to think about anything else!

The coolest thing?

It is that you can change the products included in the subscription, their quantity or frequency at any time:

  • Have you realized that you need more coffee? Go to your subscription page in your profile and increase the quantity.
  • Are you bored and would like to change your tastes a bit? Add new products to your subscription or remove others.

And above all: you can cancel it, cancel it or suspend it whenever you want without any limit or payment of penalties!

So you don’t have to worry about anything, but really nothing! Just to enjoy your favorite coffee!

And if you don’t know which coffee to choose, we’ll take care of this too!

Go to the “Subscription” page of the site, there you will find two tests:

  • YourPerfectBlend: by answering only 3 questions we recommend which Ernani coffee is the best for your personal tastes!
  • Frequency of purchase: with 2 other questions we recommend how much coffee you should buy and how often, all with the aim of saving you … we have created the algorithm in such a way as to try to never make you pay the expenses shipping!

Caffè Ernani’s online shop

A new graphic design, new filters, new categories, new products and new photos… this and much more to make your purchases easier, clearer and more precise!

We know it well… we have many coffees in the shop including blends, single origin and various projects. How to choose?

In addition to the tests mentioned above, you also have categories and tags, i.e. filters, available.

When you enter the Shop, on the left you will see a series of items, such as “Creamy”, “Delicate”, “Bitter”, “Acid”, “Single Origin”, “Blends”, “Chocolate”, “Fruity” and many others still. By clicking on one of these terms, only the coffees that reflect the characteristic you have selected will appear.

So you no longer have to go from one product to another trying to remember all the characteristics of those previously visited, we will divide them for you!

Plus the photos will help you a lot now!

In fact, each product has a cover, which shows you the aromatic notes featured in the coffee in question.

Will you see Grapefruit and honey in the photo? Well those will be amongst the aromatic notes of that specific coffee. And so for all of our coffees!

Wethen grouped all the products.

Before we had for example “Allegro in grains of 1 kg”, “Allegro whole beans 250gr”, “Allegro ground 250 gr”, “Allegro 20 capsules” and “Allegro 200 capsules” … just too much!

So here we have collected them all under the same name, that is “Allegro”!

Just click on the name of the blend in question and it will then be on the product page that you will choose in which format and size!

Finally you will find two new products:
  • Guatemala Huehuetenango;
  • Costa Rica Tournon.

Our customers of the Torrefazione in Milan already know them, now they have finally arrived online!

The first is a fresh, fruity and velvety single origin.

The second is an intense, creamy, enveloping single origin with a very particular taste: it is savory!

The page dedicated to the Ernani Academy

Well yes, you read that right, we finally have a page of the site entirely dedicated to our coffee Academy.

Here you will find all the useful information:
  • What courses we have;
  • Their structure and their
  • arguments;
  • Duration;
  • Prices;
  • Availability and dates.

In short, are you interested in taking the Espresso Tasting course? The Cafeteria course to become an espresso wizard? The Brewing course to learn how to prepare coffee in many ways?

This is the page for you!

You will also find the form to enter your preferences on the dates, so that we can organize and book the session!

(don’t worry, sending the dates does not mean booking! everything is always without obligation, you can request all the information you want and fill out the form as many times as you want, but until you confirm everything by replying to my next email, nothing will happen!)

The ABCoffee Blog

Just like the Shop, the page dedicated to Ernani’s ABCoffee blog has a new graphic layout and above all you will also find categories and filters here!

In short, between videos and articles we have exceeded 250 original contents!

Finding your way around becomes more difficult and finding exactly the item you were looking for even more!

This is why you can now click on the “How to prepare coffee” category on the right column if you are interested in the extraction methods and their personal recipe.

On “Torrefazione” you will only read the articles dedicated to the Milan coffee shop.

Then click “Myths and legends” if you want to discover the stories that are handed down in the world of coffee.

Then discover the “Knowing coffee” tag to become a true bean expert.

And so on!

The page created for the Torrefazione

Here we have inserted all, absolutely ALL, the useful information to know the Ernani Roastery in Milan, Corso Buenos Aires, 20.

From the products sold to the selected coffees, from the news of the week and the month to schedules, together with staff and so on.

The page of Ernani Distribuzione dedicated to the world of

And finally one of the pages we care about most!

In fact, not many know that Caffè Ernani is not only the roasting company in Milan, it is not only the roasting laboratory in Desio and it is not just an e-commerce.

Caffè Ernani was actually born as a coffee distributor in the world.

And then the page dedicated to this business sector has arrived!

Above all, you will discover the most important services offered by Ernani:
  • The attempted sale system: with Ernani you will never talk to switchboards or the secretariat, it is your agent who passes directly to you weekly with the van to deliver the goods to you with precisely the attempted sale! So we come, you tell us what you need and we deliver it to you;
  • Internal technical assistance:even in this case you will no longer have to worry about waiting times or contacting specific infrastructures … having internal technical assistance, dedicated solely and exclusively to our customers, as soon as you have a problem, a phone call will suffice to see the technician arrive who will solve the problem immediately.
  • The possibility of professional training thanks to our Academy!
  • And last but not least, excellent quality coffee at competitive prices! In fact, there are thousands of bars, often very similar to each other, so how can you differentiate yourself from the competition? Offering a different coffee!

We say this from experience … many of our bar customers are in fact happy with the different quality of the coffee precisely because their own customers, once accustomed to this intense and aromatic taste, and then go to drink the “classic Italian coffees” again, they realize immediately of the difference and the burnt scents of the others.

They then immediately come back to you to taste those aromatic, sweet and fresh tastes of your new coffee!

Thank you so much for coming this far!

I hope you like the new site!

Marketing, E-commerce e Social Media Manager
Coffee Lover


Martina Mazzoleni

Marketing, E-commerce e Social Media Manager Coffee Lover

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