The Seven Deadly Sins by Ernani

I maestri della tostatura media
Copertina dell'articolo della presentazione dei Sette Peccati Capitali, le bevande Ernani servite in Torrefazione, con una mano che tiene una mela avvolta da un serpente.
You already know The Seven Deadly Sins, but have you already tasted them?

Today, Thursday 3 November, I introduce to you the latest drink of the Ernani project, started back in May, interpreting the taste of all deadly sins!

These new coffee drinks are born thanks to the hard work and continuous research of the baristas of the Torrefazione in Corso Buenos Aires, 20 in Milan: Fabio, Riccardo, Andrea and Monia.

They wanted to renew the menu and created different and unique ways to taste our beloved Medium Roasted coffee.

Every single step has been thought out down to the smallest detail to obtain a final result characterized by an exceptional combination of tastes, aromas and flavors without ever bringing imbalances.

Warning: in order not to exclude anyone from this experience, all drinks also have a 100% vegetable variant!

Every month a new drink that replaces the previous one, until November, the month in which we introduce the latest drink!

Do you want to find out what it is? Read on!

Bevanda Ernani al Pistacchio, caffè e latte

May = Envy

The ideal drink for pistachio lovers, green as envy!

  • Allegro coffee;
  • Hot whipped, cow or vegetable milk;
  • A delicious cascade of pistachio cream;
  • And the edge is covered with additional pistachio cream and grains.

Did we already mention pistachio?

Bevanda Ernani di Ira, frutti di bosco, cocco e caffè

June = Wrath

The hot month of June turned out to be perfect for the second drink: Wrath, red in color, just like anger.

Served in an elegant glass with ice, wrath was a veritable explosion of freshness and taste:

  • Cold whipped coconut milk;
  • Mixed berries puree;
  • All closed by a velvety mousse with Allegro coffee;
  • And in order not to miss anything, some coconut flakes on the surface.
Bevanda Ernani Superbia, con liquirizia caffè e menta

July = Pride

The high temperatures in July don’t seem to give us respite, but the third drink has come to our aid. Pride gives you an immediate boost of energy, like nothing else could ever do! In short, a drink with the presumption of being your best ally…

  • An exquisite licorice syrup, home made;
  • A very fragrant cold coffee, extracted with the Cold Brew;
  • And finally, 100% vegetable p anna flavored with mint.

licorice and coffee are vasoconstrictors, while mint cream is a real pleasure for the throat!

Bevanda Ernani Accidia, mandorle, nocciole, panna e caffè

August = Sloth

We come to the latest of summer drinks with Sloth, reminiscent of the Italian summer, with fragrant ingredients: almonds and hazelnuts.

  • Hazelnut spread cream;
  • Cold whipped almond milk;
  • Allegro coffee;
  • Decoration with almond flakes;
  • All served on ice, to cool off on a muggy August afternoon.

Free your head from all thoughts, don’t worry about anything anymore, you just have to order the drink and savor it to the fullest!

Bevanda Ernani Lussuria, latte, caffè e fragole

September = Lust

It’s time to go big, with style and enjoyment.

  • Vanilla syrup;
  • Allegro coffee;
  • Hot whipped milk, whole or vegetable;
  • Closed with strawberry powder and dark chocolate grains.

For an explosion of Lust in the mouth!

Bevanda Ernani Gola: caffè, cioccolato fondente, cioccolato bianco, cacao e panna

October = Gluttony

Perhaps the easiest combination of all … if we talk about gluttony, you can only make a triple chocolate drink!

  • Spreadable cream with dark chocolate and coffee;
  • Hot whipped, cow or vegetable milk;
  • Double Allegro Espresso;
  • Vegetable cream topping;
  • All decorated with white chocolate grains and cocoa powder!
Bevanda Ernani Avarizia: burro d'arachidi, caffè, amaretti e meringhe

November = Greed

And here we are with the last drink, available for the whole month of November in the Torrefazione in Milan.

  • The whole inside of the glass is lined with peanut butter;
  • Hot whipped, cow or vegetable milk;
  • Double Allegro espresso;
  • Decorated with chopped macaroons and meringues.

I admit that we have not been very good at representing this sin, perhaps more than “greed” this drink expresses “that you create greed”!

We are waiting for you!

Corso Buenos Aires, 20, Milan (MI) At 50m, from the M1 stop of Porta Venezia!

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Coffee Lover


Martina Mazzoleni

Marketing, E-commerce e Social Media Manager Coffee Lover

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