The Tasting Box at Ernani’s has arrived!

I maestri della tostatura media

The Ernani Coffee Tasting Box, both beans and ground coffee, has arrived!

After the “20 capsule tasting box” with all our blends.

And the “200 tasting experiences” package with 200 capsules of all flavors.

Why did we create the Tasting Box?

Thanks to your interactions with us and your messages, we have realized that choosing the right type of coffee for yourself the first time we ask questions like:

“are they more Arabica or Robusta?

What level of creaminess and aromaticity am I looking for?

Do I prefer a wide aromatic range or bitterness?”

It is not easy and I understand it well!

You select a new coffee brand that you want to try and land on the site in question.

Immediately we are bombarded with a thousand pieces of information and see a list of 10 or more different qualities of coffee–which one do I choose?

Well, Ernani’s Tasting Box serves to answer those very questions!

It does not aim to make you taste all Ernani Coffee, but it does aim to make you discover which type of coffee is most akin to your tastes and desires.

You will take a sensory journey among single-origins from different lands, intensely aromatic blends, and full-bodied, intense coffees!


You will find 4 packs of coffee of 250g each:

  • 1 Social/eco sustainable coffee , perfect for delving into the world of coffee, discovering what can be hidden behind a “simple cup”!
  • 1 Single-origin or a 100% Arabica blend. , for the purpose of understanding what is meant by “pleasant acidity” in the cup, “aromatic intensity,” “wide aromatic range,” “smoothness” in body, and “delicacy” in aroma. You can thus take a trip around the world and savor the homeland of our carefully selected Arabica coffees!
  • 1 Blend with a higher percentage of arabica. , to see if the coffee best suited to your taste is yes one with good aromatic intensity and fragrance, but at the same time also expressing good body. All balanced by a slight bitterness brought by the robusta.
  • Finally 1 Blend with a higher percentage of robusta or even a 100% robusta blend , to discover this category of coffees that are intense, creamy, full-bodied, and above all with good bitterness and perfect for breakfasts, thanks to their high caffeine content.

*photo is not representative of the content, the inserted coffees may vary.


With the Tasting Box you can definitively taste the 4 aroma spectrums of coffee!

From the most delicate and fragrant to the intense and creamy…

You will definitely try these flavors on your skin: you will have them all at home and have time to discover which category is most like you!

And it didn’t end there!

Once you discover your category, you can indulge and try new coffees within this group all the time!

To do this we thought of a gift for you who decide to buy it: inside the package you will find a postcard with a DISCOUNT CODE that you can use on your next purchase!

Interesting isn’t it?

I, Martina, believe so much in this product, because it is the key both to better understand our tastes and not through abstract words, but by tasting them firsthand, but also because it gives the possibility to get out of our box!

This is my personal experience: initially I didn’t drink coffee, because not knowing it, I thought it could only be bitter, and I don’t like bitterness.

As I studied and discovered the different varieties, I realized that I actually love coffee, you just have to know how to choose the right one!

In contrast, Luca, Ernani’s founding partner and sales agent, loved intense, black, creamy coffee as a boy, thinking everything else was “dirty water.” He, too, studied and tasted an infinity of ever-changing coffees and realized that he actually likes both intensity and sweetness and freshness, depending on the occasion.

So this product gives us a way to experiment, to open our minds and not stop at just habits–and that I think is an extraordinary thing!
Giving this drink a chance to vary makes it exceptional and opens the mind to a variety of realities as we discover the countries of production.

I hope this opinion also applies to you who are reading!

Martina Mazzoleni

Marketing, E-commerce e Social Media Manager
Coffee Lover


Martina Mazzoleni

Marketing, E-commerce e Social Media Manager Coffee Lover

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