Waiting for Valentine’s Day: love in bars

I maestri della tostatura media

This article is different from all the previous ones.

It is in fact a short story, dealing with life inside bars, clubs and coffee shops. Places where different people meet and get to know each other every day, in which love stories and friendships are born, but also places where people say goodbye to loved ones after offering coffee.

So here is one of the love stories born inside Torrefazione Ernani in Corso Buenos Aires in Milan!

And at the end you will find out which coffee we recommend for the couple, with an intense dark chocolate flavor!

“Once upon a time there was a small roastery in a big city, so big that it could be scary and lonely at times. In this small, old-timey, warm and cozy place, a man met a great love.

He was running all over the counter, intent on impeccably serving each of his customers, cracking a smile or dedicating small gestures of courtesy, when a girl stole his attention. She was beautiful!

He exuded confidence, charisma, sophistication and intelligence. A movie? Everything around stopped; there was only her.

The barista watched stunned at his own dialogue, floating over the counter, “Good morning, what can I serve you?” “Good morning to you, a regular coffee, thank you.”

He had prepared it countless times, but this time everything was different: his hands were shaking and sweating, his heart was beating faster and he was so tense that he forgot how to do it. He lingered in his thoughts “A normal coffee is simple, she is probably a determined woman who knows what she wants, just the way I like it! Or is it just a fantasy of mine, how can I tell by the way she orders coffee?”

From that moment on, every opportunity was good to have coffee, to be able to see those eyes and that smile again, to miss him, to look for him.

Day after day, everything changed while remaining the same: a furtive and stolen exchange of glances was enough, the brushing of hands when exchanging change to pay, the uncovering of each other through a cup of coffee. He drank it bitter and in one gulp, still warm.”

Thus was born one of the most intense and beautiful love stories I have ever seen.

In a simple, small roastery, intoxicated by the smell of coffee and an atmosphere of home. In it everything seemed so familiar, so much so that it was able to create real relationships, as if it were a small reality, still keeping alive those values now lost.

Perhaps this is all due to that indispensable hot drink, which warms your heart and wakes up your mind, which surrounds you with warmth, which brings back beautiful and cherished memories, which makes everything a little more magical and intense.

That little cup that actually expresses a great social moment. Or maybe not, but why not have coffee dreams?

In fact, have you ever thought about how coffee is one of the foundations of our social fabric?

Try to think about it now…

What do you say when you haven’t seen a friend for a long time? “Hey, we should catch up for coffee!”

And when you want to ask your friends out? “shall we go for coffee?”

And when you ask a person on a first date? “we could have coffee together.”

And when do you want to take a break from work? “I’m going to take five minutes off, have a coffee.”

And when you wake up in the morning what do you do? rather you don’t eat breakfast, but you drink coffee!

These are just some of the examples I could give you, but it is just to reflect on the importance of coffee shops. They are not solely the place where you spend 2 minutes on the fly to recharge your batteries, they are a constancy and a security for all our lives. It is those places where friendships and romances can begin or end, where people’s real lives take place.

Everything happens in bars, and one of the most satisfying things for bartenders is just that: being able to see as a spectator the unfolding of life.

So what coffee do I recommend to celebrate Valentine’s Day?

Definitely Armonia! >>

It is indeed a coffee with a strong hint of dark chocolate-an aphrodisiac! Enveloping, creamy and full-bodied, like a hug that warms the palate and the heart!

Perfect for the couple!

Learn more about Armonia, click here! >>

Martina Mazzoleni

Marketing, E-commerce e Social Media Manager
Coffee Lover


Martina Mazzoleni

Marketing, E-commerce e Social Media Manager Coffee Lover

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