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This article is for all the loyal readers of the Newsletter and frequent visitors to the Ernani…

I wanted you to be the first to know all the new things coming in December 2023 from Café Ernani!

Get ready because so many new products and more will be released in just one month!

N.B. None of what I’m about to tell you is available yet, but it really will be very soon, so enjoy this preview and get ready for Ernani’s signature Christmas!

1. Event – Milan Coffee Festival

Before the year ends we will have another time to meet physically at the Milan Coffee Festival!

What is it?

It is a coffee fair, or rather THE fair on quality coffee, held annually in Milan from December 2 to 4.

I say THE fair emphatically because, unlike other industry fairs that focus a lot on business, finding new customers or showing the latest product launched on the market, always focusing on industry players, the Milan Coffee Festival is interesting for all coffee lovers in general.

It doesn’t just stop at the purely business part, but goes beyond that: it aims to popularize the world of quality Italian coffee.

In fact, no commercial or shoddy brands are ever found at this fair, as all exhibitors and roasters are highly selected to show Milan and all of Italy the excellence of the industry in our area.

It is also smaller, can be said to be on a “human scale,” tickets cost a pittance, and is packed with all kinds of events.

In fact, it will be possible to watch the Roast Masters in action in the contest celebrating the best roasters on the Planet, and discover techniques for perfecting one’s latte art in Latte Art Live.

Another event, to let you know how wide-ranging the topics are, this year there will even be a session Mindfull coffee tasting experience, which is a guided, meditative multi-sensory coffee tasting experience accompanied by the soothing sounds of a sound bath. It’s like Tibetan monks meeting your local hipster bartender.

We at Ernani Coffee will be present as exhibitors at booth L05.
Don’t miss this unique opportunity, you will find all the best cafes in Italy gathered under one roof!

2. Product: Ernani Voyage

This is the product I am most proud of ever!

Read on, I am sure you will love it too.

Ernani Voyage: travel the world with just one cup of coffee!

In fact, we have created The Ultimate Coffee Tasting Pack!

In fact, within a single package you will find as many as ten different coffees in 100g packets, including blends and single-origins by Ernani, so you can taste all the different types, savor them all at their best, and choose your favorite.

We created this to answer the many questions you have all asked before buying on the online site: do you give the opportunity to try the coffees before buying them in the quantities indicated online?

Now it is! Now you can first buy the Ernani Voyage pack, try them all, and discover new flavors you never expected of coffee (and fall in love with it of course), but also understand which one best suits your personal tastes.

And not only that! If you love being able to change coffees every day according to the desires of the moment or the situation you find yourself in, now you can always have ten different coffees on hand in small packets, so you can be sure none of them will get old!

But why did I originally say, “Travel the world with just one cup of coffee”?

Because Ernani Voyage is not just a simple tasting package, it is so much more!

It is culture, outreach and passion. It is the discovery of the coffee lands and the history of the beans.

On each individual label will be a QR code that will link you to the product sheet on our online site.

There, as always, you can find out every single facet and characteristic of the coffee in question, such as its origin, flavor profile, blend composition, etc.

But the most interesting thing will be the section entitled “History of Coffee,” which combined with the taste of it will take you around the world!

You will read from legends about the origin of coffee in that particular state, to coffee-growing areas, to unique curiosities.

Below is an example of the product page:

N.B. Ernani Voyage will be available in a couple of weeks, close to the beginning of December, both online and in Torrefazione Ernani in Milan, in both bean and ground form!

3. Christmas

As every year, as soon as the Christmas season begins, many new themed products take their place inside Ernani catalogs!

In fact, in a week’s time you will find them available online:
The Christmas mix

A limited edition, available only one month a year, designed and created to be shared with friends and family, able to astound and pamper everyone.

It is an enveloping, round-bodied coffee, balanced between the sweet notes of ripe fruit and the bitterness of cocoa.

In the 250g package.

Miscela di Natale, con decorazioni natalizie sullo sfondo.
The Coffee Flavored Gift Basket

Which will be composed as follows:

  • A Christmas-themed basket closed and decorated with a handmade fabric bow by us for each individual package sold
  • A 250g package of the Christmas Blend
  • A 250g pack of a premium blend of only Arabica, winner of the 2022 Gold Medal at the International Coffee Tasting
  • The Guide “How to Recognize Quality Coffee, Before, During and After Tasting”
  • A ceramic Ernani Mug
Cesto di Natale con scritto "Buon Natale" e decorato con fiocchi natalizi, il quale contiene una confezione di Blue Diamond da 250gr, una confezione di Miscela di Natale da 250g, una mug Ernani decorata e la Guida per Riconoscere un caffè di qualità.
Merry Christmas and happy new Tree!

Do you have someone in mind who is environmentally and sustainability conscious?
This may be just the gift for you!

In fact, we at Ernani Coffee have already been collaborating with a 100% green company for 3 years, Gone West, which works to reforest the planet, focusing especially on the neediest territories.

For every package sold of “Merry Christmas and happy new Tree!” we will donate the proceeds specifically to Gone West, which will plant a tree, certified and protected by Plant&Protect agreements.

There would really be a lot to say about this project, but I refer you directly to the page dedicated to them:

Due confezioni di for the Plante, miscela Ernani, con banda rossa natalizia. Perfetta per un regalo di Natale sostenibile.
Ernani Coffee Panettone

Those who have been following us for a while already know this… coffee panettone is a holiday must-have that cannot be renounced, appreciated both by lovers of the traditional dessert and by those who generally do not appreciate the more classic one (like me for example).

This year, however, there is something new: we have changed the recipe slightly, obviously to improve it!

We added 10% more coffee to capture each fragrance in a more intense and defined way, and also added white chocolate, which butter, melting during baking, gives incredible softness, making the dough as soft as a cloud and tasty as never before!

In addition, this year it will no longer be wrapped in cream-colored paper, but by an elegant and convenient to carry cardboard package, complemented by fine woven fabric lanyards.

Panettone Ernani al caffè e gocce di cioccolato scartato e con una fetta tagliata, nella quale si può vedere già all'aspetto la sua incredibile leggerezza e morbidezza.

4.You will also always find available in a week’s time at the Roasting House in Milan:

The Christmas mix

As described above, but this time in the 500g package!

Ernani Coffee Panettone

The inevitable coffee-flavored panettone, as presented above with all its new features this year!

Finally, not one Christmas basket, but hundreds!

All of the Torrefazione’s baskets are handmade by Claudia, our incredible administrator, Monia, Assistant manager of the Torrefazione, and me, Martina, in hundreds of ever-changing variables.

Carefully selected baskets, absolutely reusable even at home once opened, with different selections of coffees and teas, confectionery, chocolates, honeys and jams inside, as well as gifts, such as coffee cups, mugs, breakfast bolus, coffee pots and so on.

And if none of these excite you, personalize it!

Ask at the time what you would like to include and your favorite colors, and we will do it at the time for you (option available on Saturdays and/or Sundays only).

Available packages range from €14.00 up to €100.00.

Find what you’ve been looking for at Torrefazione Ernani in Milan, Corso Buenos Aires, 20.

I would say that now the novelties are over and it is more than enough for just one month!

Keep reading us: subscribe to our Newsletter so you don’t miss the release of any news or promotion!

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