When Ernani began to toast

I maestri della tostatura media
The history of Caffè Ernani is relatively recent.

The company was created by Luca and Claudia, who had already been employed in the coffee business for several years but had no experience in roasting the product.

They contacted Paul, Ernani’s current head roaster, a person very close to them but who, like them, was not familiar with Torrefazione at the time; rather, he was an established surveyor with extensive experience behind him.

They all threw themselves into this new adventure together.

But how do you roast coffee?

Not having the necessary practice and wanting to create an impactful brand with an excellent product, the correct path to take was training.

For this reason they contacted a “guru” in the field, a true roasting expert, a top exponent and connoisseur of the bean: Marco Cremonese .

The goal was clear: to roast high-quality coffee, to differentiate itself from most large-scale Italian roasters.

And off we go right away with an advanced roasting course, but not only that. Also important was not to underestimate the 360-degree education on the world of coffee.

You can become a skillful bean cook, but if you don’t know how to select the right coffee, how to recognize quality beans, how to choose raw coffee, how to taste it and evaluate its goodness, knowing how to roast well is of little use to you.

Therefore, the process was long and very detailed. Marco followed Luke, Claudia, and Paul at every stage, transferring all his knowledge of the field to them.

He assisted them in raw coffee selection, roasting, and tasting, both by the technical and internationally valid method, namely Brazilian-style cupping, and in espresso, as the Italian market mainly consumes this beverage.

After a myriad of tastings, and endless roasting trials, carried out with the 100gr roaster, they could finally make themselves independent of this figure so valuable to the birth of Ernani: Marco.

Luca, Claudia, and Paolo eventually opted for: medium roast, single-origin, slow roast, and artisanal method coffee, but still supported by technology.

Medium roasting because it is the only one that can maximize the natural aromas of the carefully selected raw grains. It also never makes the coffee overly bitter and creates a velvety crema and round body in the cup.

It is only possible, however, if you start with a quality raw material, that is, without defects, since these too would be enhanced during roasting and make the coffee unpleasant in the cup.

We will be explaining single-origin, slow, artisanal method roasting in detail very soon, so don’t miss any of our articles and sign up for our newsletter if you haven’t yet!

Paul’s independent trials have now begun, and he has slowly refined his technique, until now, after a good five years, he has become a true master roaster.

All of us on the Ernani team are really proud of Paul.

Not only because of the increasingly honed skills he has acquired over time, but also because of the incredible passion he puts into his work, paying attention to even the smallest detail and never stopping learning.

Quite often I come down to the lab, and in my off moments I always see him focused on reading. Take advantage of every moment to go out and find new trivia, enroll in online courses, and continually keep up to date.

Thus was born the passion for roasting.

It can be said somewhat by chance: an established surveyor changing his life, intrigued by the project of two people close to him, Luca and Claudia.

Ernani Coffee marked a new beginning in their lives, perhaps a little tired of the usual routine and wanting to take a different path, to offer a product that was not yet on the market.

They did not know exactly what to expect, but in the end they became so bewitched by this world that what was supposed to be a job became their passion.

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