Why the name Ernani, associated with a hat and the color yellow?

I maestri della tostatura media
Have you ever wondered why the name “Ernani”?

In Torrefazione, many people ask us if the name comes from the owner, Mr. Ernani, or if he is simply a great lover of opera.

But Ernani is much more than that!

It expresses intrinsic values of our corporate culture and more.

Then creating a logical thread also with the logo, the famous feathered hat, and the color yellow, the symbol of our origin.

But let’s start at the beginning.

The feathered hat and the name “Ernani” have a threefold origin: the name attributed to the hat, which is precisely feathered, used in the important Five Days of Milan by the rebels who fought against Habsburg rule, the title of Giuseppe Verdi’s opera and the name of the protagonist of the same name, and the famous painting “The Kiss” by Hayez, in which the male subject, ready for battle, wears a feathered hat.

Common values are always portrayed in all three, namely courage, visionary spirit, and a desire to rebel against the oppressor.

We then made the same values our own, such as the desire to go against the tide, starting yes from the traditions of our city, namely Milan, but trying to improve them, in order to be able to offer a product with superior technologies and qualities.

It was from this desire for change and rebellion that the idea of using a medium roast level was born, to offer something different and qualitatively higher.

In fact, when starting with a quality raw material, that is, a raw coffee without defects, a medium roast can be used, thus bringing out all the merits of our beans and all the aromas enclosed in them.

On the contrary, when green coffee is of low quality and thus has defects, such as unpleasant odors, broken, spoiled beans, and so on, there is a tendency to roast the coffee a lot, bringing it almost to the point of burning. In this way you can hide all the flaws, covering them with the taste of bitterness and hints of burning.

So we started from an all-Italian tradition: espresso, but moved away from anything that we did not think was right to offer a quality product and that did not allow us to obtain a high-quality coffee.

Finally we also find a why in the yellow color, Ernani yellow.

It brings back a whole Milanese history: it is the color of the historic streetcars of our incredible city, a color that dominated the streets throughout the twentieth century.

Do you want to know a little tidbit? Just one of the first tram lines inaugurated at the beginning of the 20th century, passed in front of our Torrefazione, which opened well into 1909, starting from Porta Venezia and then going all the way down Viale Monza.

And finally I also wanted to tell you why the names of our blends: Allegro, Armonia, Vivace, Stretto, Adagio.

We now reconnect with the theme of the work, as these names represent its times.

But what most of all convinced us to choose these very names is the fact that they are untranslatable all over the world, since anywhere on the globe anyone who goes to the opera will always read the same names written in Italian.

We liked and were excited by the idea that our blends will always be called the same.

Would you like to know more interesting facts about Ernani’s world and products?

Come visit us at our Desio laboratory to take a tour and discover how coffee is roasted or to have a tasting session and best appreciate every aromatic nuance of all our blends.

Write to [email protected] for more information and to schedule a date!

I’ll be waiting for you!

Marketing, E-commerce e Social Media Manager
Coffee Lover


Martina Mazzoleni

Marketing, E-commerce e Social Media Manager Coffee Lover

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