Women’s Coffee is back at Cafe Ernani!

I maestri della tostatura media

Many of you already know it and have tasted and enjoyed it. So much so that it is completely sold out in the Online Shop.

Now he is finally back!

Don’t miss the opportunity to try it before it runs out!

Let’s see it in detail!


Women’s Coffee is a single-origin Brazilian Specialty Coffee, grown from a plantation member of IWCA (International Women in Coffee Alliance).

More specifically, it is a Brazilian Santos from the Minas Gerais area, famous for the high quality of coffees produced, grown, harvested, and processed on the Cachoeira plantation.

It is grown at an altitude of about 1000m asl, thus giving off pleasant and sweet aromas, which we will see in detail below.

It was then harvested with great care, following the picking method, whereby only the cherries that are ripe at the right point are picked by hand one by one to ensure perfection in the cup. Then processed by the washed method to release a broad and pleasant aromatic range, along with fine acidity.

Sensory description

It is a coffee with a complex and intriguing aroma, fully reflecting a feminine and sensual profile.

It presents sweet notes of almond and red fruits, which are then balanced by a fresh and pleasant tartaric acidity, reminiscent of pink grapefruit.

Balancing this are softer notes of cocoa and nuts.

Suitable for

Color who seek a high-quality single-origin Arabica that is fresh, fruity and citrusy, as well as socio-sustainable and Specialty coffee certified.

Medium Roasting

The beans are masterfully processed by our roasters, Paolo and Andrea, using the Medium Roast, Ernani’s distinctive signature, which allows all the natural aromas and merits of carefully selected, defect-free raw coffee to be brought out to the fullest, bringing the best of each bean into the cup.

Only in this way is it possible to value the difficult and caring work done originally on plantations.

Recommended extraction methods


Espresso extract I recommend a dose of 8.5/9g per person, to get an intense and creamy cup, and a water temperature of 93°C.

With this method the more acidic notes are enhanced, in addition to the development of a vast, intense and amazing aromatic profile.

Mocha pot

The coffee in this case is more sweet than acidic, with even a very slight hint of bitterness, absent in the espresso.

Paper filter

If extracted in a filter, the sweet notes are even more enhanced, while the acidity is more balanced. The aromatic notes of fruit in this case dominate the cup.

In this case I recommend a Brew Ratio of 64g of mince to 1L of water and a temperature of 92°C.

What is IWCA?

The IWCA is a symbol of the struggle against exploitation and gender inequality,

with a greater focus on the grassroots of the coffee supply chain, in which farmers are generally poor and live in poor and precarious social situations and environments.

You should know in fact that, as in almost all industries, the most exploited and underpaid workers are those at the bottom of the different supply chains, in the case of coffee therefore the farmers and pickers.

They have no stable contract or minimum wage, no rights and often no healthy housing for themselves and their family, with no running water or electricity.

But guess who is on the lowest step still? Woman.

In fact, she receives lower pay than the man’s already paltry pay, is not entitled to maternity leave, and much more. Women often work with babies on their backs looking for 10 minutes every so often to devote to breastfeeding, possibly on the sly so as not to be fired.

That’s what the IWCA is all about: identifying the most at-risk situations in the world and fighting to protect workers.

This alliance is composed of a global network that unites and supports the resourcefulness of millions of women around the world, starting from the nerve centers of the coffee trade, such as Guatemala, India, and Brazil, and now operating in more than 23 countries, in which each has founded its own chapter, connected in a double thread with the global association.

It is a nonpartisan, and inclusive organization, which does not consider gender, religion or political thoughts. Accommodates everyone, including individual, private or public organizations.

The only limitation imposed is sharing the common end goal of protecting the rights of every worker and strengthening the garrison of women in the coffee community, which has always been a very masculine environment.

The core values of the association are:

  • Respect for people and their ideas
  • Economic and social sustainability
  • Equity in the distribution of the world’s resources
  • Collaboration between communities and top management of corporate properties
  • The greater empowerment of everyone’s personal resources
  • Inclusion of all: women, men and youth, to make a positive impact on their communities
The key aspect is precisely that it ensures that everyone has the opportunity to lead a dignified, sustainable and meaningful life.

Concrete efforts lie in awarding higher than average pay on coffee plantations, adjusted to the cost of living in the country of interest, greater respect for and protection of workers’ rights, and/or the construction of in-plantation kindergartens or even healthy housing at affordable prices.

Ernani Coffee and IWCA_Italy

We on the Ernani Coffee team strongly believe in gender equality.

In fact, our administrator is actually a woman: Claudia, without whom the whole machine could not move, an essential figure of the whole big family and a point of reference for the team, to say the least.

Then the other female figures are: Monia, Assistant Manager of Torrefazione Ernani in Milan, Corso Buenos Aires, 20; Stephannie, a great barista and machinist; Martina, a novice counter and bartender, but one who shows unparalleled daily improvements, always operational in Torrefazione.

And finally there is me, Martina, Marketing, Social Media and E-commerce manager, passionate about coffee and most of all proud to be part of this team, ready to prove how much us young girls are worth in the working world.

Finally, we could not but join the Italian chapter of IWCA since its founding. Now we are also an active part of the whole project, and you, through this unique and love-filled project, can support gender equality all over the world!

Marketing, E-commerce e Social Media Manager
Coffee Lover


Martina Mazzoleni

Marketing, E-commerce e Social Media Manager Coffee Lover

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