“One Mocha, a Thousand Shades” evening report.

I maestri della tostatura media

On Friday, March 22, 2024, we held our second theme night at Torrefazione Ernani in Milan!

How did it go? What have we done? Will there be other events?

These are the questions you have asked the most, so let’s answer them together in the new article of ABCoffee, the weekly blog of Caffè Ernani!

The evening

The second cafeteria event had as its theme Ms. Moka, the undisputed queen of Italian homes but often not exploited to its full potential.

We started with a bit of theory–how can you figure out how to make the most of the coffee you have using the mocha if you don’t know the coffee, how the tool works, and the variables of extraction?

So we shed light on what coffee is and where it grows, the differences of the two main species, namely arabica and robusta, the methods of harvesting and processing, moving on from roasting to understanding extraction, grinding and possible related errors.

In short, a summary of everything related to coffee, geared mainly toward understanding the very nature of making the drink with the Italian coffee maker.

Once the world we were immersing ourselves in was defined, discovering its beauties and immensity, we moved on to the practical part.

Surely this phase was more hands-on and fun allowing us to put into practice everything we had previously discussed.

The practice

This involved making coffee by four different methods:
  • Homemade method, i.e., following the “keep it simple” principle, as anyone would brew a mocha at home, without scales, kettle, thermometer, etc. However, following the correct steps to avoid mistakes that would compromise the taste of the coffee in the cup.

You can better understand the method by watching this video:

  • Professional Method, that is, following all, but really all the correct steps, also employing a correct Brew Ratio, thanks to the specific scale for brewing, and many other tricks.

Without boring you too much I will leave you directly with the video to refer to:

Tasting coffee resulting from the first and second methods, all the trainees immediately understood the difference on the palate and in unison confirmed how much better the taste with the second method was, richer in aroma and with less lingering bitterness.

How does this so recognizable change occur?

For an infinite number of reasons…staying on the general though, the answer is simple:

coffee extraction is a matter of chemistry.

Countless researches, studies and tests carried out by the top experts and scientists in the field have identified the correct ratio of water to coffee to make sure that it extracts only the best from the ground coffee and brings the widest and most intense range of aromas to the cup.

As well as, of course, establishing temperatures, water types, preferable pressures and much more.

So if we want to prepare and taste a product to its fullest potential, we cannot rely on “chance,” but must become chemists ourselves, performing each step with precision and punctuality.

The difference then can be felt immediately!

  • Paper Filter Method, but in this one we wanted to repeat the exact same steps as in the second, but resting an additional round paper filter on top of the ground coffee contained in the filter. (the Aeropress ones to be clear). This is because the paper filter, unlike the metal mocha filter, is much denser. As a result we would have a drink with even less bitterness, more delicate, clean, light, but still intensely aromatic.

This method is useful for those who do not like bitterness at all: try inserting a filter paper!

  • Pump My Mocha Cold Method, finally we combined two more types: cold water extraction, using the brand new tool Pump My Mocha (click on the al name to land on the site)! At the moment I still tell you very little, as I will make many videos and articles in the coming months explaining every single feature.

In general, however, I can say that it is the most revolutionary tool for making mocha coffee since the mocha itself was invented in 1933.
It is an external pump combined with a thermometer strip, which redefine the rules of the game. In fact, now one can have full control of extraction: from pressure, to temperature, finally elements independent of the heat source (stove or induction plate).

With Pump My Moka you can do anything, the only limitation will be our creativity.

Will there be other events?

Seeing the enthusiasm of the trainees certainly does!

  • During the premiere we operated an espresso tasting like true professionals.
  • In the second evening, precisely as just presented, we talked about Mocha and its many nuances.
  • During the next evening, which will be held in May 2024, we will explore filter coffee.
  • Finally, in September of the same year, we will reintroduce the Coffee Beer Tasting together with expert Fabio Spollon, aka BeerSlinger89, held for the first time in Desio in October 2023.

These same evenings will then be repeated, both in Milan and Desio during 2025, who knows, maybe even adding more!

If in the meantime you want to start educating yourself on the topic, go to ours page:

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