What do the customers of the Ernani cafè in Milan think of us?

I maestri della tostatura media
Foto della vetrina della Torrefazione con tutto il team di Caffè Ernani con la divisa (felpa gialla e pantaloni neri) che si abbracciano e sorridono.

Today I offer you an article that is a little different than usual.

In fact, if you follow us, you know well that I usually write a lot about the world of coffee to share with you some of the information that I consider most important and curious on the basis of the long studies done in the sector.

As I love coffee madly, my desire is precisely to let you discover how to prepare it in the correct way, how to learn to select the right coffee for your tastes, how to recognize the lies that some people in the sector foist on us just to sell a packet in more.

So together let’s dispel myths and spread the culture of good coffee!
However, it seems just right to write an article dedicated to the Ernani team that you can find in Corso Buenos Aires, 20 in Milan.

In fact, they are Fabio, Andrea, Monia, Francesca, Davide, Cristian, Stephanie and Mark, the living faces of the company, that our customers have the pleasure of meeting every day and asking questions about the service and Ernani coffee.

In short, they are the image of Caffè Ernani, thus playing a fundamental role.

They work hard, are professional, attentive and always prepared.

They study, get informed and update themselves to be sure of answering all your questions or doubts and above all to offer you the best coffee possible!

They are always operational with a smile on their faces!

This article is to thank them and to show all their commitment, rewarded by the gratitude of the clients in Milan.

In the meantime, we will also have the opportunity to get to know some of the services and products that you will find in Torrefazione Ernani. So here are some of the most representative reviews

And these are just a small example of your reviews that we always appreciate and never fail to respond to! You can read all the reviews here!

Having said that, I would like to highlight some of the topics most appreciated by our customers.

What customers value most

Certainly mentioned several times is the historicity of our restaurant, which opened in 1909. The furnishings are in line with the best Italian tradition and allow us to take a dip into the past at each entrance.

Despite its small size, typical of the time, it is possible to sit and relax in the outdoor area.

Inside the club, the boys are real hosts, impeccable.

In fact, it is common to read these words in reviews:

  • “super staff”
  • “extremely courteous and available to satisfy the needs of the most capricious and demanding”
  • “Andrea top”
  • “sympathy”
  • “professionalism of the bartenders and bartenders”
  • “clean”
  • “they are really great”
  • “very kind, smiling and welcoming staff”.

But what I appreciated the most was this compliment:

“it’s not the usual impersonal Milanese bar in a hurry and without looking you in the face.”

It made me realize that we did it! We managed to bring a smile to someone’s day, we managed to be welcoming and hospitable, we managed to let our passion shine through.

All the effort made by Ernani and first of all by the team of baristas has served to achieve the goal and you repay us for everything!

This also makes me appreciate our customers very much, who are able to notice and appreciate even the smallest gestures, which however really make the difference in terms of good service!

The other characteristics that they then noticed are, for example, the vast choice of products available for purchase, starting from the different blends and single origins offered at the counter in espresso, as many as 5 different coffees, up to those that can be purchased loose for home, in as many as 12 different variations.

And to choose these, just let yourself be advised by the staff, trained and trained to explain each feature and show you the differences!

Then there are countless chocolates selected only of the best quality, loose tea or in sachets, honey, jams and objects for preparing, drinking or perfecting home-brewed coffee, such as moke, cups, mugs, infusers, French press, Clever.

Each food product found within the cafè is strictly Made in Italy, produced with artisanal techniques and with precious and selected raw materials.

And all this offered, quoting a customer, with “good prices”, honest and often even below the prices in the area!

And once again we work hard to offer the highest possible quality, giving everyone the opportunity to experience it and touch it with their own hands!

So I end with a huge thank you!

And if you want to get to know the bartenders better, I’ll leave you some of their interviews here.


Store Manager


Assistant Manager


Davide, barista della Torrefazione Ernani a Milano, dietro al banco con la divisa: camicia bianca e grembiule marrone Ernani



The interviews of Francesca, Cristian, Stephannie and Mark will arrive soon!

We look forward to seeing you soon at Torrefazione Ernani!

Marketing, E-commerce e Social Media Manager
Coffee Lover


Martina Mazzoleni

Marketing, E-commerce e Social Media Manager Coffee Lover

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