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Storing beans at your cafè

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Storing beans at your cafè

Sometime ago, we gave you some tips on coffee storage at home, now we want to share some tricks on how to preserve coffee at the bar.

The moment in which the 1 kg pack of caffè Ernani is opened, you can no longer rely on the nitrogen protective atmosphere and its up to you, the barista, to take care of beans.

To do this it is important to remember a few simple rules that really can make a difference in limiting the loss of aromas especially if we remember that beans lose much of their valuable notes in just few days.

First, remember to empty the bag only if, based on the expected consumption, it can be assumed that the the same will be consumed within a few hours. If not, simply empty it only partially and especially carefully reseal the pack and store it properly in a place that is not too colo and not to hot, away from light and heat sources (such as espresso machine or the coffee grinder). Ideally, place the bag so closed should be put in an airtight jar.

The same should happen in the event that at the end of the day some beans have remained in the grinder. Empty the grinder of such beans also allows you to clean it removing constantly oils released from the beans which, if not removed, could affect the goodness of coffee transferring negative notes that the customer will certainly find in the cup.

As for the ground coffee that may exceed at the end of the day, we suggest that you use it to warm the espresso machine in the morning before starting the service.

A few simple rules to serve your Caffè Ernani at the best all in one infographic. Download it!

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