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The sweetness of Caffè Ernani comes from a smile

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The sweetness of Caffè Ernani comes from a smile

We are talking about Claudia’s smile. She heads administration and she deals with a lot of  things, transferring to people she works with her collaborative approach, always focused on finding a solution.

Claudia, thanks to you accounts are always in order, all suppliers are happy to receive their payments and Ernani never stumbles. But tell us something about the other things you’re dealing with.

To begin with, as well as administration and accounting, I am responsible for the e-commerce customer care and the related logistics.

What is the secret of Caffè Ernani’s e-commerce?

Our goal is to enrich, as far as possible, the buying experience that can be experienced in the Milan’s historic cafè, providing information on blends, extraction methods and in general about coffee culture.

And can you succeed? There is no espresso bar on the internet!

First of all, we strive to create a personal relationship with our customers, which we start greet as soon as possible by name. ABCoffee helps us to speak openly to all coffee lovers including Caffè Ernani lovers. As to the questions we receive on a daily basis, we try to provide confirmations, be available, professional, reassure and above all create human contact.

What questions are you asked about?

The questions are largely related to the delivery, but especially to the extraction methods.

That’s why you created special guides on the site?

We realized that our customers are not just looking for a great coffee, but are also aiming at living a purely Italian experience and at knowing how to constantly replicate these result at their home, wherever they are. Questions are made also with reference to the capsules and for this we are creating a special guide that will match those for the Bialetti moka pot, the Neapolitan flip coffee pot and the espresso.

Tell us the truth, do you love chocolate?

Actually, although it could appear unrealistic, I’m not so much into chocolate, but I’m very happy to see the pleasure experienced by our customers when they taste our blends and the chocolate we propose. For this reason, I personally invest a lot of time to be in the position to share with our clients the result of our research and selection. We are always trying to propose something new and high quality.

It turns out that Milanese can also appreciate other aspects of your personality.

If you are referring to the seasonal outfits of the Milan historic cafè , the Christmas  boxes, panettoni, Easter eggs and colombe, I am the one to be blamed. I love creating, combining fabrics and colors with sweets and chocolate, it fills me with joy. I am told that they are very much appreciated by the Milanese and this prompts me to always find something new to propose from this point of view as well.

Thank you Claudia!

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