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These new capsules will make you have a very good time!

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These new capsules will make you have a very good time!

We are a curious little roasting  company and we are always busy selecting origins, roasting, tasting, grinding and extracting. And after having tried and tried again in our workshop in Desio, we have many opportunities for confrontation with the expectations of our city, Milan. On those occasione, we stop and do nothing but make coffee and listen to your opinion. Sometimes it goes well and then we take courage and we come to offer you something new. And this time we are sure that these new capsules will make you have a good time, because so many of you have told us so, clearly!

Stretto and Armonia respond to those who want blends characterized by lower acidity and greater body. These are the common characteristics of Stretto and Armonia, but they are very different from each other: Stretto is for those who appreciate bitterness more, while Armonia is born to satisfy those who seek more sweetness.

They are coffee suitable for the morning: Stretto is for awakening and Armonia for the beginning of the working day, just before leaving room for the already beloved and appreciated Vivace and Allegro, suitable for the end of the morning and early afternoon, for Blue Diamond, perfect for the second part of the afternoon and for Adagio, our decaf.

You will think that we are denying our characteristics, but once again we have been true to ourselves. The body does not come from a greater roasting, indeed, once again the roasting is average, as guarantees the color that you can see through our transparent capsules.

Discover them in our cafè in  Milan  or on our shop, even by subscription.

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