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Through the heart of Milan on a yellow bike

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Through the heart of Milan on a yellow bike

Yellow is the color of Milan. We have already discovered this through trams and the risotto alla milanese, widespread Milanese symbols, but not as much as the “giallone” as a friend of Caffè Ernani calls them, namely the bicycles of the Milan bike sharing service used and loved by so many Milanese.

The bikes could be lighter and more manageable, the saddles could be more stable and sometimes there is no way to return your bike at the stalls, but the service as a whole is just great: you can hire nearly 5.000 bikes to be picked up and returned in 280 stations continuously increasing. All through a subscription (also daily) really cheap. Millions of uses per year are a practical and eco-friendly solution to traffic and their success is in everyone’s eyes.

If you are coming to Milan, do not forget to use bike sharing, your trips will be faster and you will be able to see the city even better. And if you want to stop by and have a good Caffè Ernani in our cafè, the stall is just around the corner in Piazza Santa Francesca Romana.

Thanks to Clod for the lovely picture

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