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Tips to keep the espresso machine at its best

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Tips to keep the espresso machine at its best

The technical service of Caffè Ernani makes programmed and preventive maintenance and, in case of emergencies, is able to intervene without delay, but, to avoid that your gear stops working properly and to ensure a longer life of the machine and the quality of the served coffee is important for the barista to follow some guidelines on proper daily maintenance.

We asked Renzo, head of the technical assistance service at Caffè Ernani, to give you some tips to keep your espresso machines working properly.

Renzo, you are a specialist, what are the first rules that every barista should follow every day?

In the morning, before starting to serve coffees, you have to vent the machine by opening the steam tap when the machine is under pressure, bring down plenty of water and heat well the groups from the filter holders, this will allow a proper extraction of the first coffees, but even more to check that everything runs smoothly.

Do not forget to maintain the right level of water in the boiler: it is ideal to keep it close to the highest level (70% water and 3% steam). Equally as important is to maintain the right level of the pump pressure; during extraction the pressure gauge must indicate between 8 and 10 atmospheres.

Following these rules will make sure that the machine works fine?

Absolutely not! Baristas should always monitor at least showers and the extraction units, the filters and filter holders, groups, the coffee dispenser, the softener, the grinder and its box containing the coffee beans.

Ok, but what should a barista do to his machinery?

Our customers know that we really value education, so there will be occasion to go deeper on this. For now, I’ll tell you only the essential: every night you have to clean the showers and the gaskets, filters and filter holders, groups, the drip tray and cup holder grill, every two days, you should drain the water tank, provided that the machine does not do that automatically and then you have to clean at least once a week the grinder bell.

Do you have a way to wrap up the basic maintenance tips that must be followed by baristas?

We’ve prepared an infographic that summarizes areas of ​​intervention, timing and suggested actions. Fonts may be small and I do not always manage to read all words, but it is not a problem because that’s all here (Renzo touches his head), but you should definitely download it, it really is handy to have a bunch of suggestions all gathered in one page, but even more important is to follow the suggestions contained therein.

Before passing to greetings, what message do you want to throw?

Like all precious things even coffee needs care and attention. Small gestures and habits can really make a difference and ensure long equipment life and a coffee up to the quality that Caffè Ernani relentlessly pursues.

Renzo, sends your greetings to everyone

Hello! and do not forget that if applying the rules you found in the infographic you notice that something does not work, call us and enjoy your Caffè Ernani!

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