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“Welcome to the Ernani world!” what does it really mean?

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“Welcome to the Ernani world!” what does it really mean?

Giorgio heart and soul of the Caffè Ernani way of dealing with our baristas makes it really clear for us.

Giorgio, you embody Caffè Ernani better than anyone else. You’ve seen it change and grow constantly for over twenty years and for all this time you’ve been taking care of the relationship of Caffè Ernani with the baristas who serve on a daily basis our coffee. How does Caffè Ernani build this relationship?

First, I have a bit of white hair but this does not imply that I’m aged as it would appear from your question. They are longer than white as I have a rock soul and I like to show it!

Now let’s be serious, I strongly believe in the human relationship we create with our baristas. We call them friends and partners and I must say that even when we talk amongst ourselves, we almost never use the word customer. We always acted like this and will always do so.

Tell us a bit more, what do you mean by partnership?

We always start by listening to and understanding the true needs of our baristas. We start from this common ground not only to propose one or more of our blends but also to create a real partnership in which – in addition to a product that is truly excellent and that really emerges at a glance from the indistinct products of our competitors – we provide quality services that we believe are essential to ensure that the each Caffè Ernani is a unique experience for all visitors of our partner coffer bars.

And what are these services?

First, those entering the Ernani world can rely on a dedicated team: competent, experienced, professional and dedicated to the world of coffee. In addition to the assistance and to the solution of any problem, we strive to stay close to our partners also providing training and continuous updates on coffee, on our blends, usage, cleaning and maintenance of the espresso machine and the other tools that are used every day in coffee bars. We have a cafè as well, the historic roastery of Corso Buenos Aires in Milan and we know what the baristas need.

The coffee market is changing. What about Caffè Ernani?

The coffee scene is growing and Ernani grows along with the coffee culture that is spreading increasingly allowing everyone to perceive with increasing awareness the pleasure of a really good coffee. For this reason, we have focused on the quality of our products and on increasing the knowledge of the world of coffee by our baristas. We believe that and excellent product and the ability to inform those stepping into coffee bars to have an espresso can be a key lever for their success.

What do you tell to those baristas who do not know Caffè Ernani?

Taste our coffee and you will immediately want to share it with your customers. It responds to changes in the taste and to the evolution of those who want to serve their customers a coffee that could be the key to their business success.

And once they have tried it, what do you tell them?

Welcome to the Ernani world!

Which is the coffee bar where you would wholeheartedly love to serve our coffee?

Of course, the Bar Mario!


Thanks Giorgio!

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