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There, where Caffè Ernani is roasted

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There, where Caffè Ernani is roasted

The coffee you enjoy in our milanese roastery, at bars where Caffè Ernani is served and that you can buy on our site, are roasted in our workshop in Desio, dominated by a 70’s Petroncini  deeply renovated to make it perfectly suited to our roasting approach: light, slow and handmade but technologically advanced.

Temperature sensors allow us to instantly measure every single roast but not even for a second a software takes over. Every roast is made listening and watching the grains changing, adjusting heat accordingly.

All this happens under long arches, overwhelmed by natural light that overlooks the green coffe bags, the silos in which our roasted coffees rest for a very few days before being blended and then delicately treated by our packing machine.

In the lab all our tools wait every day for us: the small probat that roasts our samples, the hygrometer and the colorimeter.

Recently, we have also refurbished the cupping laboratory where we taste our espresso blends, new single origins and capsules.

We are proud of it and we like to think it is the real center of the Ernani world, where our blends take shape, surrounded by our love, before being delivered to you together with our gratitude for loving coffee as much as we do.

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