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Working in partnership

We are happy to establish a professional partnership with cafès, restaurants and hotels.

Together with an excellent quality product, we want to offer you quality services and advantages that make the tasting of every Ernani coffee a unique experience for all your customers. When you enter the Ernani world, you can rely upon a dedicated team with expert, professional and passionate people about the world of coffee.
We believe that our professional ethics is the guide to the creation of a strong and transparent relationship that will make the Ernani Coffee even more important for the success of your business.

Our coffees

We select the best coffee beans worldwide that give personality and quality to our coffe. We execute with great attention the roasting process in order to let emerge the aromatic notes and exalt its density, creaminess and sweetness at most. So that every coffee can be always genuinely Ernani.

our blends

  • Blue Diamond: Sweet gentle acidity meets intense aroma
  • Allegro: Natural sweetness meets a well defined body
  • Vivace: Creamy with a pleasant bitterness
  • Adagio: Classic body and flavors, caffeine-free

Assistance services

Listening ability and high availability towards our clients are likewise two fundamental ingredients in order to offer an excellent quality product. That’s why we are available every day of the year. For us, passion for coffee never sleeps.

Furthermore, in addition to assistance and resolution of any problem and accident, we work hard to be beside you also by offering continuous training and update about the use, the cleaning and the maintenance of espresso machine and grinder.


We offer an impactful and modular branding image that let you enrich and personalize your cafè at the best.

Other Products

To take a coffee break or make the tasting experience even more special, we propose a great variety of high quality complementary products.

  • Other beverages
  • Sugar and sweeteners
  • Desserts
  • Barley and special blends

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